Planning for Disaster

Planning in advance helps families survive and recover from disasters. Take steps now to protect your family and your home before the next earthquake, wildfire, pandemic, or other disasters.

Step 1: Make a Family Disaster Plan 
  • Meet with your family, neighbors, coworkers, and schools to create a plan, share responsibilities and work together as a team.
  • Choose meeting places outside your home and outside your neighborhood. Plan multiple evacuate routes in case of road closures.
  • Register for AlertOC, Orange County‚Äôs emergency notification system.
  • Establish an out of state contact in case of a disaster.
Step 2: Create Emergency Supply Kits 
  • Prepare kits with enough necessities to last you and your family for at least three days.
  • Make sure your kit is portable and easily accessible.
  • Consider having smaller kits in your car and at your workplace.
Step 3: Prepare Your Home 
  • Bolt and brace major appliances and heavy furniture, electronics, and overhead fixtures.
  • Use flexible connections where gas lines meet appliances.
  • Identify and have proper tools to shut off gas and water if necessary.
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