Welcome to the Clerk of the Authority webpage!

The Clerk of the Authority is committed to providing consistently excellent service and support to the Board of Directors and the people we serve in an efficient and friendly manner.

Our main business functions include the following:

  • Preparation and maintenance of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Budget & Finance Committee and the Human Resources Committee Meeting agendas, minutes and related documents;
  • Ensure the transparency, integrity, and accessibility of the legislative process and records;
  • Management of all Contracts/Agreements on behalf of the Authority;
  • Accept and coordinate public records requests, including:
    • fire incident and investigation reports;
    • pre-hospital patient care reports;
    • property inspections, violations and environmental site assessments;
    • chemical storage records;
    • landscape clearance and fuel mod. plans;
    • architectural and life safety system plans;
    • 9-1-1 audio recording of incidents; and
    • FPPC Form 700: Statement of Economic Interests form.
  • Accept and manage subpoenas;
  • Accept Claims Against the Authority;
  • Maintain membership records and rosters for the board and committees;
  • Provide administrative and/or technical support and assistance to the Board, as needed;
  • Oversee the Records Retention and Destruction process;
  • Prepare Board of Directors/Clerk of the Authority budget; and
  • Filing Official for AB1234 Ethics Training Certificates and FPPC Form 700: Statement of Economic Interests form (also referred to as the Conflict of Interest Code filings).

Our staff is dedicated to providing quality customer service to the public and look forward to assisting you. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 714 573-6040 during regular business hours.

Maria Huizar
Clerk of the Authority
(714) 573-6040