Important Updates


Business Services provides budget, payroll, accounting, and administrative support to the Authority; monitors cash balances, makes investments, and coordinates the annual Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note (TRAN); provides warehouse, purchasing, shipping and receiving, and mail operations.

Clerk of the Authority

The Clerk of the Authority is the local official who administers democratic processes, such as access to Authority records and all legislative actions ensuring transparency to the public.


The Finance Section oversees the processing, accounting, reporting and auditing of all OCFA financial records. This section is also responsible for developing policies and procedures designed to protect and safeguard OCFA's financial assets.


The Purchasing Section administers the centralized procurement of all supplies, services, equipment, and construction services through competitive solicitations. Through centralization of procurement, the OCFA achieves standardized bidding and evaluation procedures; economies of scale on agency purchases; and ensures an open, fair and competitive procurement process. The Purchasing Section is also responsible for developing and administering procurement policies and procedures, the procurement card program, and surplus disposition.

Service Center

The Service Center provides logistical support for the entire organization. This Section provides the department with everything from office supplies to structural firefighting gear. This Section also performs testing and repairs on a wide variety of firefighting equipment. The Service Center Supervisor supervises, plans, and evaluates the work of the Service Center staff. The Supervisor also coordinates the delivery of specialized emergency support on various emergency incidents. The Service Center Supervisor reports directly to the Purchasing Manager.

Treasury & Financial Planning

The Treasury and Financial Planning Section is responsible for providing a variety of cash management, budgetary services, and financial support for the OCFA. Treasury services include monitoring cash balances, making investments in compliance with OCFA's Investment Policy, issuing and administering long and short-term debt, oversight of the Deferred Compensation, OCERS, and Retiree Medical programs. Financial Planning services include preparation of the budget, monthly analysis and reporting of revenue and expenditure activities, annual reviews of OCFA's fiscal health, financial forecasting, and special financial studies. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of lease-purchase agreements and various administrative support functions.