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Garden Grove Transition

 August 2019

Q - Why is Garden Grove Fire Department transitioning to OCFA?

  • The Garden Grove City Council voted on April 9, 2019 to contract with the OCFA.
  • The OCFA will enhance fire and paramedic services that meet or exceed industry standards to the residents, businesses and visitors of Garden Grove.
  • The transition will be effective at 8:00 a.m. on August 16, 2019.

Q - How does this transition of Garden Grove effect OCFA and the current contract cities?

  • There will be no negative impacts to the cities we currently serve. A regional fire and paramedic service improve response times to emergencies by avoiding delays in computer aided dispatch transferring between surrounding agencies.

Q - Why are some fire engines/trucks yellow?

  • As OCFA continues to expand and provide fire/EMS protection to new cities, the OCFA takes control of all apparatus. There are some city departments that had their units painted colors other than red. These yellow units are still operated by our highly trained and professional firefighters and paramedics, but now have an OCFA logo.

Q - Will there be any change in service when the OCFA begins to provide service?

  • Adding Garden Grove Fire Department will only enhance OCFA’s service by increasing the staffing with additional paramedics within the city and surrounding areas.

Q - How long will the OCFA be providing service to Garden Grove?

  • Garden Grove has entered into a 10-year contract with OCFA.

Q - What will happen to Garden Grove Fire Department personnel?

  • Members of the Garden Grove Fire Department will become employees of OCFA.

Q - What will happen to the Garden Grove Fire Stations?

  • The stations will remain fully operational with increased staffing of paramedics.
  • The stations will be numbered Orange County Fire Authority Fire Station:
    • FS 80 – 14162 Forsyth Lane
    • FS 81 – 11261 Acacia Parkway (formerly 11301 Acacia Parkway)
    • FS 82 – 11805 Gilbert Street
    • FS 83 – 12132 Trask Avenue
    • FS 84 – 12191 Valley View Street FS
    • FS 85 – 12751 Western Avenue
    • FS 86 – 12232 West Street