Important Updates

Board of Directors

The Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors has twenty-five members and sets policy according to its adopted Rules of Procedure. Twenty-three of the members represent our partner cities, and two members represent the county unincorporated area. The Board of Directors meets every other month - usually on the fourth Thursday of the month. The Board established an Executive Committee, which meets monthly - usually on the third Thursday of the month. The Board also established a standing Budget and Finance Committee to address finance and budget policy issues, which also meets monthly - usually on the second Wednesday of the month. The Chair of the Board, on an annual or as needed basis, makes appointments to the Committee.

  Agenda & Schedules

The Executive Committee conducts all business of the Authority, with the exception of policy issues, including labor relations, budget issues, and other matters specifically retained by the Board of Directors.
The Budget and Finance Committee advises staff and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters related to financial and budget policies, development of budgets for the fire general fund and capital expenditures, designations of reserves, budget balancing measures, evaluation and development of plans to meet long-term financing needs, investment oversight, and purchasing policies.
The Claims Settlement Committee has the authority to settle claims, lawsuits, and pre-litigation claims for amounts above $50,000,not to exceed $250,000, including insurance pool settlements, workers' compensation settlements, and the initiation and settlement of subrogation claims. Settlements of lawsuits in amounts exceeding $250,000 are approved by the Board of Directors.
The Human Resource Committee shall advise OCFA staff and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters regarding human resources policies; job class specifications, compensation programs; benefit changes and renewals; labor negotiations; staff training, development and recognition programs; succession planning; risk management and workers' compensation policies; and development of management/performance evaluation and information systems.
Message From The Chairperson

Elizabeth Swift, Board Chairperson

The famous UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden once said, "You can't live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you."

With that understanding of "a perfect day," the 1,360+ firefighters and other employees of the Orange County Fire Authority routinely have perfect days as they protect the lives and property of Orange County residents each day.

In fact, OCFA excels at living perfect days--they quickly respond to emergency situations within our regional service area and to mutual aid calls from agencies nearby and throughout the state. OCFA employees not directly involved in emergency response still participate in perfect days by fulfilling vital support duties that allow emergency response teams to successfully complete their critical tasks.

The twenty-five member OCFA Board of Directors share in the perfect days of others too. We do this through our efforts to set policies, oversee budgets, ensure that assets are accounted for, and monitor the needs of the agency to more fully meet the ongoing demands of our large and diverse communities within the twenty-three cities and unincorporated areas of Orange County that are all a part of OCFA.

Vice Chair Ed Sachs and I have been entrusted with the leadership responsibility of the Board of Directors this year. With the assistance of Immediate Past Chair Gene Hernandez, we are committed to the mission of OCFA—to "enhance public safety and meet the evolving needs of our communities through education, prevention, and emergency response."

2017 has already granted daily opportunities for OCFA personnel to educate the public about safety, to prevent fires and accidents from happening, and to respond to emergencies; may you also have many occasions to "live a perfect day."

Elizabeth Swift, Ed. D.

OCFA Board Chair

Board Members